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Monday, January 19, 2009

UFO contact 1974 Acaya Peru, Introduction:

The following information is derived from the book 'Date with the Gods' by Charles A. Silva.

Back in 1974 a US citizen by the name of Charles A. Silva was on a business trip in Peru, South America, while there Charles managed to relax a little and do some sight seeing in the surrounding Andes mountains finally he came to a little mountain town called 'Acaya Pacte' pop-25, which is situated very high up in the Andes. it was here while relaxing at the hot mineral baths and later at the hotel that he met a beautiful long black haired girl whom he describes as having almond shaped eyes almost oriental in appearance but not entirely. they engaged each other in lengthy conversations. Charles was curious and wanted to know who this mysterious looking girl was. at one point during their first conversation they suddenly saw three UFOS rise up from behind a steep hill near the hot baths in a triangular formation and change into bright bursts of color changing from amber orange to turquoise green, they watched the ships display various zig zag movements then suddenly shot off into the sky vanishing from sight. after this their introductory conversation continued, she told him to meet her again the next day at the mineral baths and to bring a Bible! So they met the next day and Charles said to her.."Hey you never told me your name yesterday."..she replied.."Call me Rama", to condense a long and detailed story short she told him she was an extraterrestrial from the Jovian moon 'Ganymede' and that they have had bases here on earth since 12,500 years ago! and that they are watching us and she discussed with Charles how that several prophets in the old testament had sightings , and contacts with extraterrestrials, and even went on rides in extraterrestrial ships from Venus and Ganymede. she remarked how the terms, 'chariots of fire , pillars of smoke', and clouds,as used by the bibilical scribes are basically crude descriptions of ufos, especially in Ezekiel .chapter 1: this is revealed most clearly and definitively. Rama told Charles the 'prophecies' of the Bible are true and will all be fulfilled as predicted. she stated that Jesus Christ is indeed the very Saviour and Messiah of the Jews and that He will return to earth as a lion in justice not as a lamb like he did at his first coming. she said that the terrible war of 'armaggedon' will happen and it's predestined. she said that she and her people have a mission as angels of the 'apocalypse' to guide humanity back to the truth and to 'seal the foreheads of the elect'. So these extraterrestrials from Ganymede have a preparatory mission to assist Jesus Christ's mission and humanity, a part of which is to also educate humanity as to the reality of extraterrestrial life on other planets which the Eternal God created there just as man was created on earth.


  1. hello, you wouldnt happen to have a copy of this book in pdf would you? i'd really love to read it.


  2. Found book online ...google it. Pdf and audio