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Friday, February 20, 2009

Hydrogen escaping from Ganymede hints oxygen lurking at surface

tomic hydrogen found escaping from Ganymede implies Jupiter's largest moon has large amounts of oxygen hovering over or locked up in its icy surface, according to University of Colorado observations with NASA's Galileo spacecraft.
This is an amazing scientific discovery which also corroborates what 'Rama' the ET girl from Ganymede told Charles Silva about the atmosphere on Ganymede. she told him the following... .."Our terrain (on Ganymede) is very much like the one were on right now (i.e. the Andes-Peru) the atmosphere is about the same- very thin oxygen, with high steep mountains covered with ice,as is the case here. the topography is also very similar..." we have extremely cold weather compared to your temperatures, but for us, these temperatures are comfortable." We live in the valleys,surrounded by the icy peaked mountains, in small complexes, what you would call villages. Similar to the ones you see around here.(Andes Peru). Ganymede is very volcanic. Volcanoes are our source of enrgy and we use that powerful energy for technology. The same way you usually find large cities like New York, Paris , London, and Rome clustered near large bodies of water, our villages and industrial centers are near volcanoes. they are our source of life. we have no oceans or large rivers on our planet. we get our water from the melting ice mixed with volcanic heat; its very similar to the medicinal waters you find right here."
From the book... 'Date with the Gods' Charles A. Silva 1977

So as can be seen from the scientific evidence coming in from the 'Galileo probe' showing that the Jovian moon Ganymede has large amounts of hydrogen and oxygen on its surface. this discovery strongly suggests that Ganymede supports life in some form. and the 1974 Rama contacts in Acaya Peru with Charles Silva apparently corroborate and make obvious the latest Galileo satellite discoveries of there being an oxygen-hydrogen atmosphere on Ganymede.
This leaves us all plenty to think about and consider.

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